The SAFLPN consists of a three tiered structure: the Steering Committee, the membership, and a broader network of family law service providers who receive and participate in regular communication:

  1. The Steering Committee consists of the representatives of organisations elected annually from the membership to guide the operation of the SAFLPN. This includes approving and managing the work plan and promoting the SAFLPN’s collaborative ethos within the broader family law sector.
  2. The SAFLPN Membership consists of organisations and peak bodies operating in the sector who share the SAFLPN’s philosophy and who are committed to attending monthly meetings and contributing to the SAFLPN’s activities generally. Major activities include preparing service directories and other resources, distributing a quarterly newsletter, and hosting regular training and networking forums.
  3. The broader network is made up of a large numbers of individuals, professionals & stakeholders who are involved in or who have a interest in the finding out about services and information regarding the family law system and affiliated services.

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For details of our present Steering Committee members and our present SAFLPN members please see our About page here