Helping people find the information they need is vitally important. That’s why the South Australian Family Law Pathways Network (SAFLPN) has established the Pathways Kiosk, an innovative court based information and referral service providing information about family law services to legal professionals and the general public.

Location and Opening Hours

The Pathways Kiosk was established at the Family Law Courts in Adelaide in December 2012. The Kiosk is located at 3 Angas Street, Adelaide, on level 1.  Exit the lift on the carpeted side and the Kiosk is on your left.

The Kiosk is presently in operation Mondays and Tuesdays from 9am to 1pm.  If assistance is needed outside of these hours please email Michelle Ford at

The Kiosk is staffed by the Senior Coordinator, SA Family Law Pathways Network, and Kiosk Officers.

There is also a Kiosk available at the Family Law Courts in Mt Gambier when it is on circuit. This Kiosk is operated by accare.

What is the Kiosk for?

The role of the Pathways Kiosk is twofold:

1. To provide up to date information and make referrals for parties who are directed to attend the Kiosk by a judicial officer.

For example: a judge may temporarily stand a matter down and direct the parties to attend the Kiosk to book intake appointments at a Children’s Contact Service, or to enrol in a parenting course in their local area. This information would then be relayed back to the judicial officer to assist them with fashioning their Court Orders, such as deciding on the length of an adjournment.

2. To provide a ‘walk in’ information and referral service for separated parties and legal practitioners.

For example: a legal practitioner may attend the Kiosk prior to a hearing to obtain information about the location and availability of services, such as waiting times for Children’s Contact Services or parenting courses. The Kiosk Officer can also make other general enquiries to agencies or respond to specific requests as required. There is also a large selection of brochures from a broad range of services available at the Kiosk.

This ‘one stop shop’ approach not only ensures that practitioners and the general public have easy access to the information they need, but also reduces stress on the profession. It is our hope that the Kiosk will help to reduce the time taken to attend to these issues in court and make case management far more time and cost effective.

The Pathways Kiosk also provides a list of waiting times for frequently requested services, such as Children’s Contact Services, Family Dispute Resolution and Family Counselling, so that this information is always available, even when the Kiosk is unattended.

Kiosk Resources


The SA Family Law Pathways Kiosk Brochure

This brochure provides information about the Pathways Court Based Information and Referral Service, the “Pathways Kiosk”, which is located on the First Floor of the Family Law Courts.

Download the Family Law Pathways Brochure_2019

Want more information?

The Pathways Kiosk is a sector wide collaborative project. If you would like more information about the Kiosk or about what the SAFLPN can offer, please contact us, or drop into the Kiosk during opening hours.

You can also sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date about available services and the family law system in South Australia.