Young Peoples Family Law Advisory Group

Do you or someone you know want to have a voice about the family law system?

The Young Peoples Family Law Advisory Group (YPFLAG) is a new project being run through the South Australian Family Law Pathways Network, a not-for-profit program funded by the Federal Government.

The YPFLAG is a pilot project of the first of its kind held in Australia.

The object of the YPFLAG project is to enable a group of selected young people who have experienced family separation the opportunity to voice their experiences about their interactions within the family law system, such as contact with the Courts, Family Consultants, counselling, mediation or any other experiences they have had since.

We hope to make the YPFLAG project into a national program to assist the family law sector now and in the future.

The YPFLAG involves a group of selected young people meeting approximately 4 times a year to discuss their experiences about being involved in the family law system. It is an opportunity for young people to be able to tell their experience of the family law system in a safe and transparent environment.


If you are or you know a young person between the ages of 12 – 17 who does not have current court proceedings on foot and has come into contact with the family law system by way of:

  1. Going to a mediation
  2. Going to Court
  3. Using a Children’s Contact Centre
  4. You saw or see a family counsellor
  5. Any other contact with the family law system

We would love to hear from you!

We hope what young people have to say will make it an easier process for children and young people who experience the family law system in the future on all levels.

A report will be generated about the YPFLAG project for policy makers with the expectation that the experiences of the group will be considered in future decision making and influence changes within the family law system

Information for the report and any comments made during the YPFLAG project will remain anonymous. It will also be an opportunity for young people to gain life skills for the future such as advocacy and understanding the family law system.

A Certificate of Participation will be issued at the conclusion of the project and should take approximately 1 year to complete.

If you would like more information please contact Rene Earles, Project Coordinator, SA Family Law Pathways Network via email or mobile 0407317376 for an Application Pack.